Dear Bhima…

ini si ibuw dapet tulisan yang dishare sama bunda dilla tadi di whatsapp…dan ini pas banget nih, mungkin suatu hari nanti pas Bhimbhim udah besar dan baca blog ini, si jagoan cilik ini bisa tau gimana besarnya rasa sayang si ayah & si ibuw ke Bhimbhimshayank:)

My Beautiful Child

When you were born, you never came with instructions.
I know I have made some mistakes along the way and for those I’m sorry.
I am far from being the perfect parent, but I have always done the best I could.
The mistakes I have made came from a lack of understanding, not a lack of love, because from the moment you were born into my life, I knew I would love you with all I am.
On the day you were born I looked into your eyes and all my dreams came true.
I love you more than you will ever know, now and for all eternity.

(taken from:

we love you bhima


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